New Season Summer Trends 2018/9

By Ielhaam Ramphal


I’m so excited to be bringing you the latest summer trends. December is around the corner and this means hot summer nights, beach picnics and summer loving fun with family and friends. So, if you haven’t done your summer shopping as yet or need to update your summer capsule, we have researched the latest summer trends for you to stay fresh and stylish during the summer days and nights.


This summer showcases stunning prints, from eye- catching stripes to beautiful island flower prints. What a power outift – matching tailored suit creates greatness and exudes confidence. The magical part of wearing a printed matching tailored suit is it doesn’t draw attention to any defined part of your body. It’s a great layered outfit you can transform from day into the evening, Ice – cream colours (aka Pastel colours) is a hot trend this summer. It’s soft shades creates an emotional feeling of freshness and being relaxed. A must have for summer. Oh! And then we have the vertical strips. Yes, it is still a hot trend and when you combine this with a jumpsuit, you look slimmer and fresher. A perfect fit for both an Apple and V-Shape body.


Its all about being comfortable in your outfit and we found that the Jumpsuit is all that! A “Jumpsuit” eliminates the hassle of putting together a top and bottom outfit. It is versatile for day or night and just by simply changes transform the look from causal to formal. This is definitely a must have for this summer.


What I find by using smaller sized handbags is that you only need your essential items, i.e. wallet, cell phone, lipstick and enough space for your keys. Sling is over the shoulder for the day and handle for night.

For those days when there’s a bit of a chill in the air, a comfortable “Loafer” fills the gap and keeps you warm. Soft colours is a great  addition for the season.


A lightweight trench coat, blazer, jacket; cardigans are all great ways to layer your sleeveless dress or cami for that mixed weather in a day. The time in the morning and evening when the weather gets cooler, a stylist way to cover up is layering with a cardigan/ jacket


Yes, leopard prints are back in fashion. You will find it in various colours from army green to browns. A great accessory to add as an accent colour to your outfit. To protect your eyes, look for sunglasses tat block 99 to 100 percent both UVA and UVB rays. Charles & Keith are known for trendy sunglasses in stunning styles and colours. Get one that compliments your face shape.


What a better way to enjoy the summer than going for a splash at your favourite beach. Finding the right swimsuit is now no longer a headache because CottonOn Body caters for all body shapes, plus they come in a variety of stunning colours and styles.

It’s been fun sharing the up and coming summer trends with you. Oh! And don’t forget your sunscreen. In my next blog I talk about Summer Accessories and Swimwear, until then; be the best YOU!


Till next time, take care and Happy Styling



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