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Refresh My Style

R 3 840.00

Refresh My Style package is a top-to-toe professional advice. We supply you with the tools you need to start your style journey. Below you will find a detailed description of each service in the package.


We analysis your shape of face to determine what best style suits you for hair styles and glasses/sunglasses, down to the types of shoes you need to wear that won’t kill your look. We also work through your look for casual, smart casual and formal dressing.

We will look at your unique body structure, your clothes, colours, fabrics, style and everything that you like and dislike about yourself. I will assess your proportions, scale, personal style and shopping habits.

The benefits of knowing your colouring

Do you want to wear colour but don’t actually know how to go about it? Do you find yourself defaulting to black and neutrals? Colour is very therapeutic. It has a way of awakening the soul, lifting your spirits and leaving you feeling good inside and out. There is never a right time. Now! Is the time to know your natural colouring.

How it works?

An analysis is done to determine your dominate colouring thereafter we filter into the colours that best suits you. We work through how to wear colour and how to mix and match with colour to accentuate your best features. This consultation includes a make-up session teaching you how to wear the right shades to enhance your natural colouring.

During the consultation you will be skilled with:


  • how best to wear the colours in your wardrobe
  • how to co-ordinate your wardrobe to achieve more oufit combinations without having to buy more
  • which textures, patterns and how much contrast you can wear
  • why certain shades compliment your natural colouring more than others
  • the best scarves to compliment your natural colouring
  • how to best choose your jewelry, eyewear, hair colour to compliment your natual colouring


  • the most flattering styles and fabrics for your body shape
  • Your face shape
  • Your body shape
  • emphasize what you like about your body and disguise what you don’t
  • how to accentuate your neck by wearing the best necklines for your shape
  • choose the type of shoe to compliment your shape
  • achieve a perfect fit every time when buying clothes
  • express your personality through your wardrobe
  • avoid shopping disasters
  • develop a co-ordinated wardrobe so you get maximum usage from it
  • dress with confidence, whatever the occasion
  • reduce time and frustration looking for the perfect outfit

At the end of the session:-

  • You will feel confident and knowledgeable how to style according to your personal style and the right colours that complement you.
  • Your Colour Palette consisting 40 of your best colours, your own style guide

Wardrobe Cleanse


This 3 hour session is done at your home.

When it comes to a wardrobe organising we look for clothing that is the best match for you, and you’ll be surprised, it’s not always the most expensive option!  We help you eliminate the things that don’t work for you and guide you in making new choices that fits your style, body shape, budget, lifestyle and personality.


We guide you in making decisions about your existing wardrobe. You make the final decision about what to get rid of, store away, give to a friend or relative, have altered or keep.

AVARI will work with you to create a wardrobe that will help you feel great about how you look. It will take the frustration away of” I don’t know what to wear? “

At the end of the session:-

  • A hassle-free organized wardrobe you to mix and match any items
  • A wardrobe guide
  • An AVARI clothing hanger for your wardrobe
  • A scented potpourri bag for your wardrobe

Additional R200 per hour thereafter


You're Shopping Stylist

R300.00 per hour

Prior to our meet we will contact you – either via whatsapp call/telephone or we can meet in person to understand your need to buy and why. I get to the shops ahead of our meeting to prepare a few items for you to try on. I help to you style all the items all items and you make the final choice.

The session is best done after a Style Consultation, to understand your best colours and your body shape type.  This session excludes items to be purchased.


Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers can be purchased to any of our personal styling services. That way the recipient can choose the perfect styling solution for themselves. There is no minimum spend on gift vouchers, which are valid for 12 months.

Please send us an email to and we will action your purchase request.

workshop 2

Style Workshops

Priced on request (minimum 4 participants)

Whether it’s for fun or an opportunity to catch up with a group of friends or to encourage work colleagues, a workshop with AVARI is a great way of getting a group of woman in a fun and relaxed environment. Workshops can be tailor-made according to your specifications of your group.

Whether it’s for fun or an opportunity to catch up with a group of friends or to encourage work colleagues, a workshop with AVARI is a great way of getting a group of woman in a fun and relaxed environment. Workshops can be tailor-made according to your specifications of your group.

Catch-up Time with the girls

Our workshops can be at your venue or at our studio.

At the Office

A great way to encourage team building and self-esteem in the workplace amongst female employees. With the office environment in mind we will show you how to look stylish, with easy to put together and clever wardrobe solutions.

Fundraising Workshops

A great way to raise money for a cause or charity that you feel passionate about. This could be a school fundraising event, a charity lunch or a cause that you are connected to. We’ll come to your venue and entertain your guests with a workshop best suited for the audience.

What you get to learn:

  • How to style according to your body shape
  • Colour analysis of your best colours
  • How to mix and match outfits
  • Make-up lessons
  • What your style personality
  • How to accessorize
  • How to look lux everyday
  • When to toss an item and why to buy new


  • There are no refunds or exchanges on any products or services
  • Prices are subject to change without notice

Refunds will be considered under the following conditions:

  • Up to 2 weeks prior to booking: 100% refund
  • 14 to 5 days prior to booking: 50% refund
  • Less than 5 days prior to booking: no refund
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