10 Tips to an organised wardrobe

By Ielhaam Ramphal

A fresh new year with endless possibilities awaits. At the end of last year I was planning my blog posts for the next quarter and wanted to give to something to start off the New Year. New Year brings new possibilities, with new starts. It got me thinking, what better way than to do a wardrobe cleanse to kick start the year.  You know a wardrobe cleanse is due when you can’t hear the swishing sounds of hangers when you browsing through the clothes.

This applies to all from walk-in closets to small spaces like clothing rail. These simple wardrobe tips will apply to you. Ultimately, we want our everyday dressing to be hassle free. The following simple ten tips I bring to you for a brighter, better and enhanced YOU!

1. Implement the Double D’s

De-clutter and Discard – To make space for new purchases take a minute and check if there are clothing items you only wear 20% of the time. Ultimately, you should want wear all your clothes 100% of the time.  So, if there are items you don’t often wear because the fit isn’t right or outdated, give to a friend, relative or donate it.

2. Organise by style

When it comes to organizing your wardrobe, you basically arrange the clothes in an organized neat way so it takes away the frustration in your everyday styling. Your wardrobe is your haven of fabulous ladies! – So, why not have a wardrobe that allows you to do just that… the style you! Firstly, arrange clothing by style i.e. (blouses, dresses, pants). This will give you a clear understanding of what you have and various ideas for mixing and matching everyday outfits. A wardrobe capsule comes alive with variety of textures i.e. (sequences, silks, cottons, linens, viscous, cashmere, wool, denim). Once you have done this, shopping becomes so much easier and less frustrating and a whole lot enjoyable.

3. Organise by Colour

I cannot emphasis enough how fundamentally important it is to incorporate colour (non-black/white/neutrals) into your wardrobe capsule. It’s probably “the” essential point to take heed when building your wardrobe capsule. So, now that we arranged the clothes into sections we can filter further into garments by colour. By arranging the garments into individual colours i.e. (blues, reds, violets, etc) will give you a clear view of your colours you have in your wardrobe. Then, if you fancy prints why not add a couple of garments to your wardrobe capsule. Various different prints such as, animal prints, floral, stripes, to name a few, allows for your capsule to speak volumes when it comes to styling a WOW outfit.

4. Structure = Neatness and good flow

This is an important point to an organized wardrobe. The flow of the space has to be there. If for example, there is only one clothing rail, try to have it adjusted higher in order to install another rail lower down. This will allow you to utilize your wardrobe space to its capacity.  You will now have a double rail to hang tops and bottoms, basically the shorter garments. 

5. Hangers

I like to invest in good quality hangers – hangers with rubber grips on the shoulders works the best! The rubber grips keep the garment in shape and prevent it from slipping off the hanger. No one likes finding their clothes lying on the floor in the wardrobe.  One hanger per garment for tops, dresses, jumpsuits, skirts, whereas you can get away with more than one garment for your pants/trousers.  You must be able to easily take out and put back a hanger garment.  Another tip when you know your wardrobe needs cleansing is when you can’t hear the swishing of the hangers from when browsing through the wardrobe.

6. Shoes

Shoes, shoes, and more shoes – Yes, we can never have too many shoes…laugh, laugh. I love the idea of having a boutique of shoes to choose from but honestly, I prefer a collection of shoes to fit my personal style along with lifestyle.  Depending on the season, those are the shoes I will display in my wardrobe. The others I pack away if I know I will not be wearing them for the season. A well-kept pair of shoes completes the outfit beautifully. A collection consisting of black, neutrals along with two to three pairs in a pop of colour gives definition to your wardrobe capsule.

I like the scene from “Sex and the City Movie” where Carry tries on her first pair of shoes in their new apartment in her brand new walk-in closet.

7. Accessories

Adding a neck piece or costume ring gives the outfit that glam it needs. So when choosing your outfit you want to keep your accessories close by. I make use of the inside of your wardrobe doors to hang my necklaces, earrings, bracelets/bangles.

8. Storage containers

Pretty storage baskets or simple gift boxes gives a freshness of pretty boutique sense and character. It’s an ideal way to organize your socks; scarves, underwear or purses. What I like about space savers, you can easily remove the storage container without messing your wardrobe. It keeps it organized, neat and pretty.


9. Scarves

I love a scarf accessory, it’s an all year accessory that every person have in their wardrobe. Its versatility is amazing. So, what I like doing with certain scarves, is match them with a top and hang the scarf with that garment on the hanger. In that way when I choose my outfit, it has a matching accessory.

10. Fragrance

There’s simply no better feeling than being welcomed to a freshly fragrance wardrobe.  To achieve this you first have to wipe down the insides of the wardrobe with a vinegar cloth. Then add aroma sachets in between your clothing and in the drawers.  Bags filled with rosemary, thyme, cloves, lavender and bay leaves keeps moths away. Try it, it’s really amazing.

And there you have it – you all set for the year ahead. By following the tips provided you won’t make unnecessary purchases.  If you have any questions to the related post, drop me a email and we can discuss it further. It’s been fun sharing my wardrobe organizing tips with you. Gosh! I felt there is just so much more to share on this topic but I’ll follow-up on this topic at later stage. Look out for my next blog.

Till next time, take care and Happy Styling



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